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The story of JCx2 Trading Ltd

A lifetime of experience is worth sharing.

Deliver with Sourcing & Trade Specialist.

JCx2 Trading Ltd was founded in Hong Kong, built on solving sourcing issues that businesses face when outsourcing manufacturing in regions such as China, Vietnam, and India.  We are committed to creating solutions using technology and a personalized user experience to eliminate the visibility gap. We deliver easy, reliable and cost-effective ways to source products, perform quality control and manage your brand.

All-round Teamwork

Together and with the help of an awesome team, we built a network of manufacturing relationships to source quality product from an array of service providers. We take care of your business, by automating the sourcing process and using technology to simplify a complex process, so that you can focus on your business. We give you control over your products, through our exhaustive network of manufacturing and quality control experts.

Manufacturing Opportunities

Manufacturing opportunities are available for anyone that sees the bigger opportunity for helping build amazing products. Please get in touch with us for discussing benefits of what we can do for your business

With our manufactures, we will provide the technology and guidance every step of the way from access to technical operations, market support and engineering design. We are happy to run a manufacturing workshop and for you and your team to get you started!